About COS+ – Curacao Office Supply
When our doors first opened, we were situated at Schottegatweg Oost, Curaçao. We were a small office supplies store that had a vision of always being able to supply the demand of the consumers and when we made the move to our current address located at Fokkerweg #30, our vision became reality.
Through the years, we’ve made and maintained wonderful connections with many suppliers from all around the world, which makes it easier for us to maintain a large stock at all times and also facilitates ordering, shipment and receipt of out of stock items within a short period of time. And here at Curacao Office Supply we take pride in this.
This website is designed with the same vision that we have in our store. We offer a wide variety of products to our clients via the web and we strive to make this website as complete as our store.
We look forward to serving you online!

Happy Shopping!

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